12oz Candle


Deep Creek Lake: A balance of balsam, mountain fir, and pine cones, with base notes of amber and stone moss. A year-round favorite for those who love natural, woodsy scents. Think brisk hikes, waterfalls, and mountain views from the cabin.

Farmhouse Hearth: Fireside cedarwood and smoke with hints of pine, clove-studded oranges, and port wine. Balanced and masculine without being overly smoky. Reminiscent of holidays past, this is a total rustic mood-setter.

Green Ivy & Amber: A clean, unisex fragrance infused with top notes of crisp, white grapefruit and woodsy sage over soft amber, oakmoss, and cedarwood.

Just Breathe: Bring the spa experience home. This mix of soft eucalyptus and peppermint works perfectly in bed or bath to create a refreshing sense of well-being, as well as in workspaces to set a soothing, yet productive mood.

Mimosa: The brunch favorite comes to life! Effervescent champagne with a splash of sweet orange and peach. This fragrance is all about positivity, brightness, and energy.

Morning In Paris: Compared to luxury bath products, this soothing fragrance is like waking up to soft sheets, spring air, and the Paris flower market. Lavender-forward, with additional floral and linen hints to round it out.

Pumpkin Souffle: Fresh pumpkin, dark molasses, butter, and spices create an irresistibly welcoming scent. A sophisticated, less-sweet take on pumpkin pie, the Soufflé brings a warm, cozy feel as the days grow shorter. 

Sea Glass: Our top-selling spa scent. This fragrance floats notes of sea mist, golden bamboo, sea grass, and lily for a relaxing blend that's a natural fit in living room, bedroom, or by the tub.

Shiplap: A must for those who love sandalwood. Shiplap combines spice notes of ginger and clove with a masculine body of tropical teakwood and sandalwood. Exotic with hints of ocean, this is a lovely transitional scent heading into fall.

Tea & Controversy: An elegant blend of grounding notes such as black tea, bergamot, and golden amber with hints of cleansing energy in lime, green tea, and cucumber water. A unique, sophisticated balance that is both relaxing and rejuvenating.

The Study: It's elementary, my dear! Notes of soft leather, pipe tobacco, and aged oak evoke Victorian mysteries, stormy days outside, and shelves of leather-bound volumes. This beautifully-blended, masculine fragrance is THE mood-setter for cozy autumn evenings. 

Winter Berry: Crisp and bright, Winter Berry reminds us of a sparkling, holiday punch. Forward notes of red and black currant and tart cranberry enliven a space, while hints of geranium and soft Himalayan cedar balance and calm.

Arggg!: Hey, Scallywags! Bring out your inner pirate and dream of summer vacay with this tropical, coconut-lime blend. Reminiscent of pina coladas in the Caribbean. Little umbrella not included.

Bluegrass & Violet: A fresh, light blend of herbs and florals, this garden fragrance is great for bath or laundry room.