July 14, 2017
Save Your Summer!

Summer Time....

July? It's July Already?
What is it about summer that makes time go by so much more quickly? And with time goes money, right? We totally get it. Just the other day, Tawnya and Cori were talking about the insanity that summer can become (really, we just happened by...this is totally not staged) and the fabulous solution to your Summertime Craziness! 
Check it out:

Save Your Summer In Style! 

Purchase K. Lane's Summer Surprise Box* and receive  two boxes--one in July and one in August--each filled with over $50 of K. Lane's Fashions, hand-picked for you, for only $35 per box! Want a bigger surprise? Choose our $50 Surprise Box and we will send you two boxes stuffed with more than $75 of fashion fabulousness!

You'll save time AND money!

Just click the link below to fill out your personal survey and purchase your selection of Surprise Boxes. K.Lane's Personal Stylists will immediately select items specifically for you, pack them up carefully and ship them right to your door! TWICE! (Your first Surprise Box will arrive the last week of July; the second will arrive in August! How fun is THAT?)

Let us help you enjoy the rest of the summer in style!

What's in it for YOU?

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